Monday, May 31, 2010

trip to california

mom and dad went to california in april (they are lazy and didn't post for a while) and they met some other kitty's out there.  this is a picture of lola, jenner's family's cat.  i've never met her and she might look a little like me in this photo but she is really a siamese cat.
then when they got back, i missed them so much i climbed in their suit case so they couldn't try to go anywhere else.  its nice to have the whole house to myself but i don't get bonito when they are gone.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Standing Tall

My Tongue is Out!

Check it Out!  How much personality is too much for a little cat?  I've got moods you've never seen from a small mammal before!  This is a picture of me reacting to the conservative backlash against Obama's health care package.  Naw, I'm just just gets stuck that way sometimes!  I like to lick my kitty parent's heads sometimes, only problem is that mom has long hair and it gets stuck in my mouth!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I get around, in addition to spending time at my vacation home on Cape Cod I like to take the occasional weekend getaway.  Here's a picture of me from last fall in the Rangley Lake area.  We had a nice "camp" right on the shore of lake Mooselookmeguntic (that's the lakes real name!)  I'm checking out my dad as he gets ready to toss a line, he didn't catch a darn thing but we had a nice time.  The camp had something like ten beds in it!  I only had time to sleep on eight of them. 

Still Avalaible for Kitty Photo Shoots

I have some openings in my schedule this months, don't delay!  Contact my kitty dad about hiring me for all your cat advertising needs.  BTW, I am aggressive and don't take instruction. 

Tented Again

Hells Yeah

Under the Blanket!!!

I have recently been getting into sleeping under blankets.  It makes me feel all comfy and cozy and I can get some un-interrupted sleep, hey a girl needs her beauty rest!  Above is a picture of me sleeping between my dad's feet.  He's the best at making kitty tents out of blankets.  Note how he employees his toes to provide maximum kitty clearance.  I can sleep like this all day if no one interrupts me, I mean literally all day.  Last week I got into a kitty tent at about 9:30am and didn't come out until mom got home at about 7pm.  To the right is a picture of me from that day.  Note the sleepy face.  Oh, and thanks a lot dad for jamming the camera under the blanket and using the flash!  Thanks to you I only got 21 hours of sleep that day.  He got his when I decided to sprint up and down the hall at 2am!